01 September 2007

Blogging, Media and an Air Collision.

I hear a lot of people complain about blogging these days. Especially about so-called professional bloggers, who make their living by blogging, either by being hired to blog or through ad-income.
The argument usually goes that it's not a proper job, just people staying at home writing about random crap. I don't really care so much about that - it's just stupid, jealous people with nothing better to do than complain. The people who properly bother me are those who say it's worrying that so much information is relayed through blogging.

Let me tell you what's worrying.

1. That these people are bothered that people can write whatever they want.

2. That they complain about blogging, when blogs are specifically subjective by default, whereas today's news media all over the world convey subjective thoughts, just in a more sublime way (though not always: think FOX News or Swedish Aftonbladet). In most cases modern journalism appears to be blogging in the form of news, and it's often rather horrifying what will pass as truth in the name of media.
The brighter of you might think that this isn't a problem. After all, you know that the media often lies, and to think before you trust. But I beg of you, concern yourselves with the issue that a lot of people doesn't get this. They don't understand that journalists lie, and lie, and lie, in the name of their own agenda, be it political, philosophical or whatever.

Just please, think of the stupid.

Also, this is rather horrible: http://www.dn.se/DNet/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=148&a=687549

The Swedish looks like jibberish but the pictures speak for themselves.

30 August 2007

Oh come on!


Didn't these people see Thank you for Smoking?

Fucking morons.

If people are dumb enough to understand a picture but not a text, they might as well be killed off in cancer 'cause we certainly don't need idiots like that walking amongst us.

God damn.


And now Denmark as well.

Who'd have thought the day would come when the Danes wouldn't be allowed to smoke freely?

Well, on Wednesday it did.

Lucky for them there are certain ways around it, read about it yourself at:



Lack of Maps

So uh, I was off to bed but came across this on youtube first, and I feel a desperate need to link it. This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen/heard. I give you Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina:


This is one of those Laugh or Cry? situations. And another reason to hate the USA.


Night falls

Time for sleep. Anyone else out there who continually deprive themselves of much needed sleep? Live on caffeine?

I do hope so. To all of you, hi.

Anyways, to give this post some substance, I quote Lord Byron:

Part of 'Epitaph to a Dog'
Near this spot
Are deposited the Remains
Of one
Who possessed Beauty
Without Vanity,
Strength without Insolence,
Courage without Ferocity,
And all the Virtues of Man
Without his Vices.

The Price, which would be unmeaning flattery
If inscribed over Human Ashes,
Is but a just tribute to the Memory of
“Boatswain,” a Dog
Who was born at Newfoundland,
May, 1803,
And died in Newstead Abbey,
Nov. 18, 1808.


29 August 2007


To all you paparazzis and so called reporters writing about so called news (the lives of the rich and famous, that is): Fuck you. Die.

Though I guess my anger is misplaced. I think it is more directed to all you idiots reading that shit. You make the world a worse place. You're the mini-Kim Jong-ils among us - tiny Hitlers - little pieces of shit, destroying our lives.

Please do the world a great big favour and end your lives.


I miss good music

I miss the 80's. The music in particular. I'd like to think that generally the music was better back then, but I think that's more due to the fact that I remember the good stuff, and not all the crap. But there is something else to it: I miss the sincerity and naivety of the music (and perhaps the clothes); the emotional tendencies that have only become sappy in a post-80's world.

Things will happen while they can.



Morals ad infinitum

Why are we on moral overdrive and when does it end?

Recently, in Sweden, a lawyer got annoyed at his neighbour's smoking habit, and so managed to ban said neighbour's right to smoke in HIS OWN garden. We're outlawing smoking pretty much anywhere in the name of health and 'common sense': smoking is bad for you - make it illegal.

I understand and agree with the point that people don't want to be injured due to secondary smoking, and so it makes perfect sense to ban smoking from public indoors areas such as libraries and museums, as well as to legalise the right for restaurant owners, etc, to ban smoking in their restaurants, bars, caf├ęs and so forth. It is however absolutely ludicrous to institute a full smoking ban everywhere (except people's homes). There is (was) obviously a demand for non smoking restaurants, as well as non-smoking-pretty-much-anythings, and this could've been achieved without a ban.

Because smokers also have rights. The right to own a restaurant and let their customers smoke, for instance.

The worst pro-ban argument is the one that pities those who work in bars and restaurants. All the poor waiters dying from secondary smoking. Boohoo. It's a job hazard, and if you're looking for those there are many places to start before you get to bartenders suffering from smoking customers. If you're stupid enough to become a bartender when you hate smoke, then frankly I don't give a shit about you. But these days, I suppose, the idea is that anyone should work anywhere without discrimination. Asthmatics must be able to work in bars - lets ban smoking!

But my point with all this isn't specifically about smoking. It's about a society going nuts with completely misplaced moral preaching. About a society where the legislators know better than the public. About a society robbed of freedom for the 'greater good' of its inhabitants.

We are headed backwards again.


28 August 2007

Awful Sequel

So if you're thinking about seeing the movie 28 Weeks Later - Don't.

Everything about this movie was bad. The story was thinner than dead anorexics, and the amount of completely unbelievable events is incredible. All this turns into such a travesty seeing as 28 Days Later was such a good film. Conclusion: if you liked Days, don't see Weeks. Just. Don't. If you didn't like Days, you might actually be stupid enough to like this sequel.


Sure, kids suck...

...but when they take it out on each other it can turn out rather awesome.

Eh, Marine!



23 August 2007

Language destruction

It is claimed that what's happening with the English language (and other languages around the world I am sure) today is evolution. A necessesity due to the nature of language and that of mankind. I agree that language needs change, but there's change and change, and unfortunately it seems we struck upon the bad kind.

It's sad when kids with English as their mother tongue know their language worse than kids around the world with English as their second language, simply because of the dumb simplifications that occur all the time in English speaking countries.

It can be claimed that this has happened through history and that it is nothing to be worried about, but I beg to differ. Historically there has been an evolvement of language due to borrowing of words, new constructions, etc. What's happening at the moment is a debasement, which will end up where we started. Grunts and basic word forms. That's extreme of course, but in the long run...

So, why is this happening?

I don't know. Because today's youth doesn't read, is lazy and overall dumb, probably, but I suppose it could be for other reasons. Perhaps the majority of births today are because of people too stupid to care about birth control?

Whatever the reason, I'm sure it can be solved if everyone just read more books.


22 August 2007

Kids suck

Man, sometimes I hate kids. I was watching a stupid show about spoiled kids and for a few minutes I really wished those brats dead. Then my better nature got to me - now I just wish them in pain.


21 August 2007

Cultural understanding

The hip opinion these days in the western world seems to be that all cultures are to be respected and treasured, simply because they are cultures. Mention the word culture, and people will light up as if they've found gold: 'I LOVE cultural diversity'.

And I agree, cultural diversity is great. What is not so great is honour killings, societies oppressing women, and I could go on. When such behaviour is brought to democratic societies you'd think the justice systems of said societies would come to terms with the problem. But no. In the name of culture ANYTHING can be defended, and is defended by what seems to be a majority of the population. Apparantly we must 'understand' that cultures are different and respect them in light of this.

There is NOTHING at all to be respected or understood in, say, the killing of a young woman because she had sex with the 'wrong' man.

For hundreds of years we have fought to build a democratic society where people are equal, and now we're supposed to give that up in the name of understanding different cultures.

I do not believe the answer is to decrease immigration. My dream-world is one of open borders and equal access. What I do, however, believe in, is a firm fucking justice system which defends our democracy to the last drop of blood. I believe in a society that is open BECAUSE of the defending of its democratic values - not one that is shattered open because we're too afraid to draw a line.

The funniest thing, as always, is that the people who're most devoted to proclaiming cultural understanding, are usually the same people who claim to be fighting for an equal society.

I'm sorry guys, but your equal society would fall apart like the bad kind of anarchy. Survival of the fittest. The one with the most frags win.

You disgust me.


17 August 2007

First post and George Bush

Not going to make a big deal about the first post, just pointing out the obvious.

Moving on...

It's getting increasingly tiresome to hear and read and otherwise receive 'news' that George W Bush is stupid. The amount of people trying to point this out is ridiculous, and makes you wonder at the state of intelligence amongst everyone else as well. Sure, he's not the king of brain-hill, but the same people who continue their efforts in pointing this out, are also those who generally argue for grade-less schools, the notion that everyone is smart in their own way, and try to use the world elitism in every sentence uttered. The same people who'd have you believe that almost everyone is able to perform almost every profession, and that schools should focus less on knowledge and more on creativity. Don't get me wrong here, creativity is equally important as knowledge, if not more, but anyone who entrusts the united teachers of the world with the task of making our kids into flex-thinking master minds... well, that person probably had teachers with many course diplomas in pedagogy but no degrees in their actual subject.

The POINT here, is that all you Bush-is-stupid-mongerers are slimy eels with double standards and you fit your opinions depending on the issue. Usually you are part of what I like to call the grey mass left-wing: the people who say the same things as the intellectual left, without knowing what it means. At all.

That said, lets please have a democrat next term, yeah?